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Fall & Spring

Glendale Heights fall and spring cleanups

Fall & Spring Cleanups Glendale Heights

Fall is a beautiful, yet demanding, time of the year. The fall colors really brighten Glendale Heights, making it a beautiful place to be. If you live in Glendale Heights, then you know the chore of fall cleanups. However, it’s crucial that fall yard work is performed to ensure your lawn wakes healthfully from the long winter days. Did you know that stray leaves could cause mold damaging your yard? Allow Official Landscaping to relieve you of the burdensome chores of the fall, leaving you time to enjoy it. We offer winter preparation and leaf cleanup services residentially and commercially in the Glendale Heights area.

The winter is rough on your yard, leaving it cold, hard, and lifeless. Official Landscaping offers a variety of spring cleanup services that can quicken your lawns recovery process. So, if you’re tired of looking at unsightly winter debris, give Official Landscaping a call. Our residential and commercial spring cleanup services are sure to satisfy your needs, and without breaking your budget!


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Enjoy watching them do what used to take us hours to do. They are fast, efficient and professional. So glad we have them. Thanks for recommending them. They are so pleasant and nice too
Maureen B. Addison, IL