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Ground Leveling

Glendale Heights ground leveling and levelers

Ground Leveling Services, Glendale Heights

If you are planning to install a pool, brick patio, basketball court, or even a sidewalk, then you may be in for an unpleasant surprise. Such projects require level surfaces for a satisfactory finish. Unleveled surfaces are unsuitable for sustainability. Brick patios, for example, can crack, or cave in, over time. The opposite is truck, however, when surfaces are prepared and leveled before construction.

If you’re considering a backyard pool, basketball court, concrete or brick patio, or revamping your sidewalk, call Official Landscaping. We can assist you in the very crucial initial stages of your project. If you’d prefer, Official Landscaping can carry out the project to completion. We offer a complete list of ground leveling services that are sure to cover your needs.


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I have been using Official Landscaping to cut my lawn and provide other misc. landscaping services for the last few years. I have had ZERO issues and believe that I get exactly what I pay for. The staff is very friendly, the landscaping services they provide are top notch (lawn care, spring and fall clean-up, tree maintenance and others) and I love the fact that they come here on Thursday morning, and are gone within the hour. Can't wait for them to provide a FLAT YEARLY Service so I can simply pay one price for the year, up-front - and have that include lawn care, spring and fall clean-up. Prices are reasonable and match up with the service they provide.
Stefano L. Carol Stream, IL