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Sod & Seeding Glendale Heights

Regular lawn maintenance is essential to sustain the life of any yard. However, there are instances when lawn conditions demand an overhaul. In such cases, it’s recommended that you call a professional. Improper sod installation and poor seeding job will have little positive effect on your dying lawn. If you’re considering re-sodding or seeding your lawn on your own, call Official Landscaping for a free consultation. After talking with one of our trained experience, you will have gained knowledge of your tasks ahead. If you are no longer confident that you can finish the job, then, don’t fret; Official Landscaping is always here to help.

Official Landscaping specializes in first time sod install and seeding installation as well as law recovery sod install and installation. Our team is ready to tackle seeding and sodding jobs of multiple calibers. If you’re a homeowner looking to renew your lawn, or a homebuilder looking for first-time sodding, Official Landscaping is here to help.